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SP4 Deals Thread

Post here if you received a discount of some sort, or promotion, or cash back, that made your SP4 a good deal! Hopefully can help others.

I noticed Best Buy had a trade in any laptop for a Surface Pro or Surface Book and get at least $100. I traded in a very old laptop to get the $100 credit. Then I had them price match Microsoft's 10% student discount. I pulled it up on the webpage showing the student price and they matched.

I then paid with Apple Pay using my Discover Card. For those who haven't heard, Discover is giving 10% cash back through end of year on up to $10,000 in purchases when using Apple Pay, in store only. But even better, if you're a new customer, you get double cash back the first year. So I will get 20% cash back on the purchase, 10% within a billing period, then the double cash back at end of first year of card membership. Plus getting the Best Buy Rewards as well.

I know some cards this quarter give 5% cash back on Amazon, I believe both Discover and Chase Freedom. And if you live in a state with no sales tax for Amazon you can get 5% plus save on the sales tax, so a double digit % savings in most cases.

At Staples, if you have a Chase Ink card you get 5% cash back there. Can combine with Staples Rewards 5% back. And occasionally Staples will have 15% off Technology coupons that make it a crazy good deal. They had this last year when I got my SP3. 15% off plus the 5% credit card cash back plus Staples Rewards = amazing! Unfortunately they had one this year but about a month before the new Surfaces came out. And they don't have the tech. coupons much. But sub to their email and check it for coupons, but read the exclusions!

Anyone else know of any deals/price matches/cash back avenues, post!!