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11" MacBook Air cases fit?


There are really a Darth of accessories right now for the surface. Anyone who has some 11" MacBook air cases here? Can the surface fir in them?
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The should, the ones I've checked out there was a little wiggle room. You can also try the 10.1 cases as they have seemed to fit better. I use the Targus Spruce that is designed for the iPad, but the Surface with Touch Cover fits.


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I have a Dicota Code sleeve for 11"-MBA and it fits nicely. At the top, there's a small amount of space left, but nothing to worry. Most of the 10"ish sleves i've tried were to small or the surface was to close to the zip, so it could leave marks with the time(like on my old laptop).


the 10" cases I have tried were hit or miss. I just returned one from home depot.

thanks for your responses! anyone who can take pictures?
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I was just looking at the 11" mac air cases in the Apple store today and thinking they would work. Didn't have the Surface with me to actually test fit though. That would have been funny. I must have been asked a dozen time if I needed help. "Yes, I'm testing out air cases to see how my Surface fits. Do you have any suggestions?"


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I owned both an 11" Air and the Surface for a couple weeks at the same time; they are basically the exact same size. The Surface should fit in anything the Air fit in. The only issue I can imagine existing would be how much thinner the air is at the edges; if it was a very tight case.


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I actually think the taper might be an issue. It it wasn't tapered I think it would be ok.
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