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4 Gb Ram -> 8 Gb Ram, huge difference?


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Consider the price of a 128GB mSD Card being about $120 when you consider the upgrade from i5/128gb to i5/256gb.

I would not buy one. I would simply compromise what I keep on the device like I do all mobile devices. Plus I already have a spare 32gb card should I want it. Its a 250 pound bump for what is to me, nothing more than extra storage. I can get the same extra storage via microsd for 50 pounds.

As to the response about the cheaper pluggable dock, I won't be buying a dock initially, I would want to see what my use case would be, whether I need to be able to use kickstand when docked for various angles, but either way, the dock is the one area where I'm happy to pay more than the going rate.


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I have become something of an M3 evangelist recently after testing the SP4 M3 against the i5 8GB. I tested the two back to back with the following on BOTH:
Chrome: 8 tabs open (engadget, amazon, BBC)
Edge: 3 tabs
Word, Excel, Powerpoint: all open with same file.
FRAPS running
Intel Monitoring tool running
Hitman - Absolution running 1920x1080 Medium settings at acceptable, playable framerate.
I think it was about 3.9GB/4GB at one point on the M3 but was still perfectly responsive. The i5 didn't feel any better. It really didn't. And I tried to find a reason to keep the i5 but it just doesn't stack up for me. I have another couple of weeks before it has to go back so I'll keep looking for everyone's sake :)