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Surface Pro 3 i5/128GB/4GB RAM for $770 - Good Deal?


I have an opportunity to get a Surface Pro 3 i5/128GB/4GB RAM for $770. All that I really want to do is use it as a tablet. I mean, it will be used for general use, like web browsing, watching movies (streaming and local), light gaming and using Steam's in-home streaming from my gaming rig in the office.

I tried an i5/256GB/8GB for work. I thought it would be powerful enough to run the Adobe CC programs I need to run at the same time. I am a web developer/designer. Anyhow, I thought it would be great to have a on-the-go machine that I could also use for the general tablet usage that I listed above. Well, didn't work out so great. However, I really dig the Surface. So much so that I decided I want it as a tablet.

So, is that a good deal and will that perform the tasks that I want it to? Is there going to be a difference between the 4GB and 8GB?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


I thought I had a good deal. That works out to be a cracker. Even if you didn't like it you'd get your money back by selling it second hand. Seems like you have nothing to lose.


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Will it work for you??? Id say its a matter of your perception and how you use it. I see a lot of people on here running CC and doing web dev and it works for them. Some running games acceptably and others not. Really the only person that can answer the question is you. Forget all the opinions and anecdotal accounts at the end of the day your perception is yours alone, be realistic with yourself, you probably already know the answer.


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I think that with a little bit of persistence and open mind the OP should be OK with this really good deal.


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good deal you wont be disappointed.

I just picked up an i5 8gb 256gb w/ typecover that was 4-5 days old for $1000 cdn tax in, but yours is the second best deal I have seen to date :)


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I got mine brand new on unopened box for $800 the drawback was that there's no receipt but that was no problem cause I registered it on the Microsoft website and got my 1 year warranty. $770 is a good deal but you have to consider that you will probably would want to buy the keyboard which is gonna be at least another $100 or more. I check craigslist constantly and have seen a couple of week old sp3's i5 256gb 8gb ram for $950 with keyboard included. If you think about it thats just $75 more than you'll end up paying for the i5 128gb 4gb ram.
With patience you'll find better deals but $770 is a good deal still, not a great deal tho...