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$908 Million in Surface Sales, Driven by SP3


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Figures aren't fully relevant. For the first time since long, if not ever, there's a MS product Apple users are raving about ...or just dreaming Apple would build the same. And so they're waiting the Ipad Pro....
I guess we'll see what the iPad Pro is... if its just an iPad with a larger screen it won't go nearly far enough to make a difference. Fundamental and significant change/enhancements to iOS are needed to make a Jr. into a Pro. Otherwise its like the big retarded kid, he's got size but not smarts.


I don't really see how they could trim the bezels. Trim any of them and you have to trim them all, then the keyboard won't have such a good angle and lapability will be reduced. Trim the bezels, and it will be hard to hold the device in one hand without pressing something on the touchscreen. Swiping in from the bezels is also a very important feature in my book.
Try use an iPad and you'll find the answer to your second question.