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A Fan noise while charging


As most already know, this is a known issue that MS is working on. I read somewhere that it's planned to be resolved in early 2016. For now, I've changed my SB to use hibernation instead of sleep. It's annoying to have to hit the power button after opening it, but it's a small price to pay, to have much longer battery life!


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I have also changed my SB settings to hibernate instead of sleep. That seems to fix the battery drain while sleeping issue, and it also seems to have reduced the number of times my SB will not wake from sleep (requiring a hard power down and reboot). My SB will sometimes not wake from hibernate, but not as often as it did not wake from sleep.

Like many people, I have an inherent dislike of hibernate, due to the way that previous versions of Windows would hibernate - basically crashing most programs and processes that happened to be running at the time of hibernation. However, hibernate under Windows 10 seems to be much more stable and functions much more in line with how hibernate should function.

It is a shame that sleep does not work for the Surface Book, especially considering the number of boasts and platitudes regarding sleep (i.e. lies) that Panos Panay made when the SB was introduced.