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Fan start to spin when charging


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Today, after a week or two of light use (which is quite nice), I had to charge my Surface Book, so I plugged in the cable and put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button.

A minute or two after that, the fans started to spin very fast. I touched the computer and noticed it was very hot.

The weird thing is that if I exit sleep mode, or if I unplug the charging coord the temperture goes down quickly so the fans stop spinning but the second I plug the charger and put it to sleep it gets hot again and triggers the fans.

I tried rebooting the computer but the problem was still there. I have no antivirus and no apps were running.

Also, that's with the stable Windows 10 release and every updates installed, I'm not running insider builds.

I had a big Windows cumulative update today so maybe that's what made the problem start (there was an update for the "Intel CSI2 Host Controller" among all updates) ?

Anyone noticed the same problem ?


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yes, i have it to... everytime i plug the cable in the fans start to spin... have you found a solution?
Not yet :(

What Surface Book model do you have ?

Did you have this problem from the begining ? I'm not sure I had it before: I think I'd have noticed it.

I received a bunch of driver updates this week end, I'll see if it fixes the problem.


It could be windows defender scanning. I always plug the charger in first then hit the power button. If I do it power button then charger, it heats up quite quickly.