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A plea to all the good helpers


I am too old to be embarrassed by asking dumb questions, because life has thought me that actually there are no such things as "dumb" questions. If a question is asked, it indicates that the questioner is in need of an answer, regardless how the question appears to be dumb or not.
Too often the helper assumes too much knowledge on the part of the questioner. My plea to all of you good helpers is to be as basic as possible when providing an answer. References to certain part of screen appearance might lead to misunderstandings because they might appear different from what the helper has on his screen or he might not have a clue how to make use of the reference..


Staff member
Sure thing!

It will also help for the person needing help to include screen shots, if possible.

I tend to PM the person needing help, and offer private free coaching, when text descriptions or screen shots are still not sufficient.