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A ray of light for microsoft’s surface: Consumer interest doubled nexus tab interest


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Tablets are a hot category once again this holiday season and as it did in 2011, Apple’s (AAPL) iPad lineup is seen leading the pack this year. According to a survey conducted between October and November 2012 by market research firm Parks Associates, 44% of the tablet-seeking holiday shoppers polled planned to purchase an iPad this year and 24% were eying a Kindle Fire. The study gets interesting in the No.3 and No.4 slots, however — the firm’s data shows that 21% of consumers polled planned to purchase Microsoft’s (MSFT) Surface tablet compared to just 12% who planned to by a Nexus tablet.

Considering the continued heavy interest in Google’s Nexus 7, this could be a solid indication that Surface sales this holiday quarter won’t be the catastrophe many industry watchers have predicted. Additionally, Microsoft recently announced that it has increased Surface production and expanded retail distribution.

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I got my Surface, too bad I'm deployed and won't be able to touch it till February 64 GB model with touch pad.


I got my surface for Xmas from my wife and family, then work gave us Nexus 7s as an additional Xmas bonus. Have to say I love the surface and the Nexus went to the wife! Nice kit but not in the same league as the surface in my opinion.