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UK Businesses Bought 2x More Surface Pros Than iPad Pros Last Quarter


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During the January through March quarter businesses in the U.K. bought over 275,000 units of the Surface Pro. This was more than three triple the previous year's Q1 sales of 83,000 slates. Furthermore, this sales figure was over twice the amount of iPad Pros (107,000) that U.K. businesses bought at the same time.

This info comes from analytical firm Canalys, and isn't an interesting, but not too surprising trend. The main reason why businesses chose to go with the Microsoft product over the Apple product is because most businesses are already entrenched with Microsoft software products (like Office) for productivity. This means folks in the business world are more comfortable navigating the Surface Pro.

As an interesting side-note. The reverse of this is true for the regular consumer market. The iPad Pro is outselling the Surface Pro amongst the average home consumer.

Source: PhoneArena