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A Surface Pro and a Surface?


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Anyone out there have both the Surface Pro and a Surface? With the Surface on sale for $199, I'm tempted to get one. But why would I?

Anyone have both and, if so, why?


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I have both the Pro 2 and the Surface 2, I use my Pro 2 as I would my business Laptop and for Inking but it is far too heavy to use as a Tablet for any length of time. I use my Surface 2 as my companion device and will take it with me on shorter trips, it is also the one I use when I'm reading, researching or surfing the web. Both together weigh less than 90% of the Corporate Laptops :)


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yes I have an RT I picked up last year, and it replaced an android tablet. Nice to be able to do some MS Word on the tablet, and the keyboard is a great help. So for hanging out on the couch surfing or watching Netflix, it is perfect.

Picked up the Pro 2 as a laptop replacement and work companion -- for meetings, it's great, as I can take notes on it with the stylus (no noise, eyes on speaker) and it is far lighter than the heavy work laptop + power brick I am forced to carry since the Lenovo wont last more than 50 minutes on battery.

I've readied my old personal laptop for sale as the surface pro can do everything it did, and it's far quieter under load.