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Got a sweet deal on a Surface pro 2 at best buy!


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I didn't purchase it when I purchased my Surface. When I had to return it to Microsoft a month later I thought it would be a good idea to get one since I was already having problems. I believe it allowed me to purchase it for the replacement unit serial number but after my case was closed it said I didn't have a warranty and it never showed up on my credit card so I guess you have to purchase it when buying your Surface? If I were to try to purchase it today it would say something like "this isn't an option for this device" or something similar.

Go here: Microsoft Surface warranty | Surface extended warranty | Microsoft Complete

You have 45 days from the date of purchase to add the extended complete warranty. I added mine about 3 weeks after purchase, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the SP2 after purchase, so I held off on my initial purchase. I think it's worth it because if you don't have to use it or if you only have to use it once, for $50 you get a new replacement and a brand new battery and who knows, maybe some even more updated hardware. If you decide to sell to move on to something else, you could get that brand new warranty replacement before you sell it and you will probably be able to fetch more $$$ for it


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Great luck man! I guess I'd take advantage of it lol... but here at least, if that happened, the difference would be taken from the poor girls wages. I know this through working in retail! Oh well, suppose she should have been concentrating harder :)


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Dafuq? Well, CONGRATS!!! That is a pretty awesome mistake or favor, whatever the case may be. You'll enjoy that SP2 even more!


That is probably why I can't buy it; by the time I got my replacement it had probably been 45 days. I feel Microsoft really screwed me over on this one, especially since they led me to believe I had purchased it.


It scanned as 999 but she did a manual override to bring it down to 679.... I was sure when I saw it come up at full price that she would have investigated but she didn't even take a second to think before changing the price

Thinks that girl was promptly fired!!! LOL