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A Tablet You Can Actually Do Work On


I wonder if faster ARM processors may sway Microsoft to convert more core apps to run on the RT version? I'm still going to checkout the Pro model, but i'm expecting the size, weight, and battery life compromise to be too great. An ARM version with more core windows apps might be a good compromise?

I get a feeling there is more to the desktop with RT then just being able to run Office also75. I'm not saying full access to install any desktop application but specific desktop apps available through the store where it is guaranteed to work well with the device.
I've completed switched to my Surface for everything that I previously used an iPad and a laptop for. Other than some minor issues regarding interacting with some websites, I have no serious issues with the Surface. I use it very much like a laptop and for the 1st time will only bring it when I travel next week, leaving the laptop and iPad at home. I can't do without my desktop, but the Surfce was not intended to be a desktop replacement.