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What a Microsoft Surface can actually do


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Hello everybody, I bought a Microsoft Surface two days ago and I have some questions that might sound stupid so please be kind :)

Unfortunately, I have an Iphone, but it comes no surprise that I can't install iTunes on this device, am I right? It is true that I can't have iTunes on the Surface Pro?

I am not able to intstall eMule too, that is a p2p program. Is there a way, as far as you know?

Last thing, and I must admit it's surprising, I can't even import images from my iphone to this device.

For the programs, the device let me download the client but then it says they can't be opened, and sugges me to find something in the Windows store.

For the images from the iphone, I follow the procedure but then it says that images and video on my telephone can't be found.

Could please someone of this community help me even just to know if this is just the way it is? I was testing the Microsoft Surface Pro and I was becoming curios to see if it could actually become my first PC, but seems like it can't.
If you purchased a Surface Pro, anything you can install on a laptop or desktop you can install on the Pro as it is a laptop in a tablet form factor.

If you bought a Surface or Surface 2 (RT) then you can only install Windows Store Apps
What Jeff said - it is a full on PC (if you bought the Pro and not the regular Surface). I installed iTunes on mine just fine. Anything that runs on a regular Windows machine, runs on a Surface Pro.