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A Used RT is the greatest value in technology!


I won't go over all of the reasons that the RT launch didn't well- (or at least my opinion of the reasons...) but, in today's technology market, a used (or, a pre-owned) RT really is an incredible value.

First, you can buy it for under $200! Many times, at that price it is also bundled with a Type Cover. Are you kidding me?? The Surface RT is a product that, in spite of its limitations, (like the dumb one-stop kickstand) is a steal at that price.

Second, it comes with a workable version of Office. In other words, for under $200 you have a quality product that comes with Office with virtually all of the functionality of the full version.

I'm going on this rant because as much as I love my SP3, I also have an RT that I think is very underrated. Is it perfect? Nope. Are there limitations with product? Yep.

Here is my beef with the conventional opinion of the RT- I have never seen a product launch where more focus was put on what a product couldn't do. Each of the reviews seemed to focus on the whole without any thought of the doughnut.


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Here is someone excited about his Surface RT. Couple things mentioned in another video was the inclusion of Office which is worth some $$, the instant on/off, no virus potential, (yet).



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His part 2 video is even better. Those two videos were part of the reason that I got a new old stock 64 G Surface RT in August. I completely love it. What a fantastic machine! So capable. I love having the desktop and the Office apps. I only wish there were more quality apps in the app store.

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