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Able to login using picture password but can not change my password


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I have 2 admin accounts setup on my surface RT, which now is running 8.1 RT. Luckily I had setup picture password sometimes back. I am now able to login using the picture password, however when I go to store, it asks for my password, which I do not remember. I have tried changing my own password, however it first asks for my old password, which I can not recall.

I have another admin account too, but I can not remember even that password. I thought that it would be easier to change the password of admin2 account, as I have logged in to admin1 account, however I can not find that option. When I go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage Another Account -> "Admin2", it only shows me the option to change the account type or delete this account.

Is it possible to change my password through some means in this scenario?


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I had not setup it to synch with any MS account I guess. It asks for my local password, with local account name, which does not show any email, only when I try to install an app.


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You can actually disable most syncing options, but keep in mind that MS did embed SkyDrive and other MS account-related features deep into 8.1 (and you can still totally use a local login for most things--just not app installation, SkyDrive, encryption). I would try logging into the Surface with your MS account, which then automatically enables app store installation, but if you can't remember the password, you'll have to reset it with that link.