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Advice On How You Use/Carefor Touch Cover


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It's me,...a new guy, with a new Surface Pro and since this site seems to have overwhelming amount of information, I thought I would reach out with my own question. I just got my Surface Pro last week and I love it. It's a great device that meets a lot of needs. I am just curious as to how to use certain features/accessories. I love typing on the Touch Pad. I have not had many issues with missing key strokes and the such, but when I want to use the Surface in tablet mode what do you guys typically do with the Touch Pad? Do you just fold it over and read your book, play your game or take your notes? Do you ever take it off? If so for what activity? One thing I have noticed in my short time with the device, is that the Surface can get a little warm in Tablet mode. Is there any reason to be concerned to having the Touch Pad right against that heat? I am just trying to get an idea as to yourbest practice.

Also, precisely how are you cleaning the Touch Pad? I have already noticed a little discoloration on the trackpad portion from the oils from my fingers. I just want to make sure when I clean it, I don't mess anything up.

Hey, thanks for your time...you are good people for reading this...



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Your concerns have been discussed before, search the valuable information in the existing threads. In summary,

1. Heat. It will be hot, depending on the room temperature and your power settings.

2. Touch Cover. Reverse it when folding, or remove it.

3. Cleaning. Microsoft has a web page dedicated to cleaning procedures.