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Ideas for making the touch pad more visible


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Hi everyone. My wife and I got have Surfaces. I bought the touch cover 1 for her and the type cover 1 for me. While I tried hers out a few times, I never tried it under dim lighting. When the type cover 2 came out, I wanted to get it because I wanted a different color keyboard and I thought the backlighting was cool. The problem is the touch pad. In dim lighting, its very hard to find the right mouse button (left is hard too but I can tap anywhere to get a left click).

I really wish there was backlighting around the trackpad. It really gets lost down there. With the type cover 1, the material was different and you could find it by feel. The same can not be said for the new keyboard.

Has anyone come up with a solution? Any kind of glow in the dark something? I've been temped to draw in the groove around the touch pad with a sharpie or something just to make it a little easier to see but I don't want it to look cheesy.
This is the same criticism I have of the Type Cover 2. Jeff Roach had written in another thread on this forum that the soft touch pad was put on TC2 after focus groups had preferred this over the original pad that had physical click buttons.
I find that right- and left-clicking feel less secure than with physical buttons.
I have also thought about applying some tactile substance on the button areas so I could find them without looking, but I haven't tried this yet.
Ah well, maybe Type Cover 3 will have the answer.