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After 5 hours surface still won't respond!


Hey guys, Recently my surface RT started acting up and became extremely slow and buggy and would not respond to anything i do. So today I to get into PC settings to do a system refresh but before i could, windows gave me a message telling me that don't have enough required hard drive space to perform the refresh. After clearing around 25 apps and 5GBS of crap of my surface i thought that might have been the problem, that I might have overloaded my surface with too many apps making it sooo slow. I was wrong!

After 5 HOURS of agonizing pain trying to get this thing to refresh and update properly, it's still ridiculously slow and unbearable to the point where i just threw the thing into the draw and went back to my two year old laptop to write this post. I should also mention that i got a message after the refresh (which took 45 mins by the way), saying that " SYSTEM PROPERTIES-Windows created a temporary paging file on your computer because of a problem that occured with your paging file configuration when you started you computer. The total packaging file size for all disk drives may be somewhat larger than the size you specified" packaging size is 384mbs.

Another note is I checked the task manager and under the Disk drive (C:) it's constantly on 100%??
Please help me out guys. I've tried everything and really like my surface and have never come across this before.
Thanks for any help!


Sorry forgot to mention something. In start screen some of the apps say installing when the either built in apps or already-downloaded apps from the store and i can't access them.


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The constant activity on the C Drive is probably due to the Paging Error. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the RT to make a suggestion...


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Do an 'Remove everything and reinstall Windows'. Like ArnoldC said backup first if possible.