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About to send my surface pro to ms for repairs, have I done all I can?


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After over 8 months of perfect no problem usage,i had run out of hd space literally said 0 bytes and
had too many windows open in chrome. while i was attempting to close windows and free up space my
computer froze up and shut down, upon reset.

My surface started freezing about 2 min after booting windows about 5-10 times then stopped entirely, cannot get past uefi boot. Found my recovery usb, booted from it would not reset or refresh kept saying cannot find partition drive

Went into cmd, tried looking with disk part and was unable to find anything other then my usb. I cannot see the original disk or anything else...

I have taken a picture of my settings, I believe the SSD has failed. I was wondering if this is the case from a more knowledgeable perspective. also, if the ssd has failed in this fashion, do I have to worry about wiping any personal data before sending it in? would rather send a clean drive without my personal docs and what not.

I heard about some sort of command called autonuke or something? anyone know what this is? would like to make sure my hd is clean before sending it back but without voiding any warranty terms.


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Well you wont be able to run autonuke either if the drive cant be seen ... or maybe that's the result. :)


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But am I right in assuming the drive has failed? is there any other way to find it or recover it? im not used to dealing with SSDs.