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I got a 512GB Pro 2 today.. im going to be upgrading the OS to 8.1 Enterprise so I can use things like Direct Access.. question is.. on the original Pro, i had to go get all the drivers afterwards.. anyone know where the downloads are for alll the hardware, wireless, bluetooth, etc etc etc...?
or, has anyone else done this same upgrade and have any insight as to if the drivers are installed ?
here's what i do..
put my usb stick in.. do a new install (because an upgrade will puke about intel wireless.. yada yada)..
then, when thats done, before i activate windows.. i confirm i have c:\windows c:\windows.old.
i then go into the pc settings, tell it to do a full wipe\reload to factory specs.. it comes back fresh with just c:\windows.. and this is where id wind up with issues on drivers... and at one time i had to download the may 2013 update to make Direct Access functional.

lmk what ya'll think


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well i bit the bullet.. i put in my usb stick with my win 8.1 enterprise loaded on it..
the upgrade was SOOOOO simple and eazy, i was SHOCKED.. took me about 30 minutes, and everything.. i mean EVERYTHING worked perfectly.. even DA!