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Issue with the graphics driver...


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Hey all. New to the forum, so be gentle. ;)

I have that screen flickering/adaptive brightness issue that a lot of people seem to get. I saw the topics about installing the Intel drivers to get the taskbar control app that allows you to properly turn off the "feature" and stop the screen flickering.

Problem is....it won't let me install it, even when I wipe everything and reinstall Windows (through the recovery settings), to factory settings and don't update anything at all. When I try to update the drivers with the newest Intel drivers, it says that I already have the best driver installed for the device. And it doesn't give me the option to Rollback the driver. How is that even possible?

I love my SP2, but this flickering is really driving me crazy.

As of this posting, I have reinstalled Windows back to factory, and only installed the firmware drivers, nothing else. So....where do I go from here?



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You have to uninstall the old generic driver first from device manager then you can install the new Intel driver.


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You need to download the Win64_15338.zip from this link, not the .exe file.

https://downloadcenter.intel.com/De..., 64-bit*&DownloadType= Drivers

Once you've got that and its extracted you need to go into the device manager and right click on the graphics device found under "Display Adapters". Click "Update Driver Software" > "Browse my computer for driver software" > "Let me pick from a list" > "Have Disc.."

Now you need to click "Browse" and point it to a file named "igdlh64.inf" which is found inside the folder you extracted earlier under the sub folder "Graphics".

Once that's done hit next and let it install and the driver is installed!

To stop the screen flickering, right click on the desktop and select the new option "Graphics properties" then "Power". Select "On Battery" and turn off both the "Display Power saving technology" and "Extend battery life for gaming" options. Done! Enjoy no screen flickering! :) I'd also turn off the adaptive brightness in the advanced power options if you haven't already, it's quite annoying!
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Wow, do I feel stupid. :shocked:

I was doing device manager->browse my computer and then just selecting the folder the driver was in, instead of 'let me pick->have disk'. The other instructions I had were more vague, and I didn't realise that I was doing it wrong. Thanks very much, everyone (especially mxgaza33), my Surface is perfect now!