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Alternative Chargers For Surface 3?


If I get a Surface 3, I'd like to carry it in a slim carrying bag. The problem with that is that the provided charging brick is very thick and blocky and would either not fit, or if you cram it in the bag or even in an outside pocket, it would protrude and stretch the carrying case possibly damaging the Surface while in the hag.
At first I had the idea of just getting a bigger bag to better accommodate the fat charger, but then I thought it would be better to get a charger that fits the bag instead of the other way around.
Since the Surface 3 charges with standard micro-usb, there must be more travel-friendly third party chargers that could be used instead.
Does anyone have a suggestions for slim, low-profile chargers that put out as much charging power as the OEM charger so it will charge the Surface battery in the same amount of time as the OEM charger?