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Amazon Prime HD battery drain


I wonder whether someone has come across this before. I was stream Amazon Prime Instant Video in MS Internet Explorer on my i5 SP3 Pro in HD and boy did it suck the battery dry and the device got hot.

The moment I switched HD off everything was n0rmal. I'm surprised about this without our nice high resolution screens, surely we should be able to watch in HD...Anyone know what the issue is?


Hmm nothing of that is specific to the Surface Pro 3. Hence why I asked here.

On my Macbook Air I never had this issue, having switched to windows it is a disappointment even more so that the Silverlight technology employed is by Microsoft themselves.

I mean a i5 with Intel video should easily handle HD video. There is something not right.


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Silverlight is what is killing your battery, switch to the Flash Player (there is a option in small print on the lower right). Amazon's Silverlight Player isn't utilizing GPU offloading and everything renders via the CPU.