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An open letter to Panos Panay (tongue in cheek)

Deryl McCarty

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In military jargon things scheduled to happen at a date certain are termed to be scheduled "x days and a wake up from now".

In this case, by 1 August my 21 May preordered Surface Pro 3, Core i7, 256GB machine is scheduled to "ship by" - that's 19 days and a wake up!

However, as I am 30 year military and all military folks are barracks lawyers by avocation, I would suggest that shipping my Surface Pro 3 on 24 July or even next week fully satisfies the "ship by August 1st" criteria in every court at every level in the US, Canada and the UK.

Furthermore, young sir, if you were to "accidentally" ship a bit earlier than 1 August, I promise that I will NOT EVER complain about said "accident". And I suspect, with absolute metaphysical certitude, that none of the folks on this forum impatiently awaiting their core i7 SP3's (or i3s for that matter) will complain about your having shipped their machines early either.

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