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Some Reflections on the Surface Pro 3 (Review)


I have an AC router with 30 down 12 up on Cox.

Streaming is great with Netflix on all my other devices. On SP3 I can see pixelation with Netflix.

Len J

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Wish I had 90. Don't want to pay Cox more than I am now.

We had 9. I called to upgrade, told brighthouse I was thinking of switching to AT&T........ ended up giving me 90 with a reduction in my bill of $25/mo. Might be worth a call.



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Whoops, guess I stopped receiving email updates about this thread at some point. Though I mainly write to just organize my thoughts, its always cool to hear that other people get something out of it too. Many thanks for all the replies!

@fonzman78 Microsoft has created a device that no one else even comes close too. Unfortunately, as always, their delivery isn't perfect; thus, all the criticisms throughout. But, at the end of the day, if you need a tablet, and a PC, and a laptop and also want to travel light...well, again, no other device comes close.

Having used the SP3 for about two months now, I can honestly (and cheesily) say that it feels like the future is a bit nearer. And every so often, I catch myself dazedly staring at the device from the side and wondering how the full PC experience can be crammed into such a beautifully thin and light experience.