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Annotating Videos/Screencasts on SP3


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Hey guys, I figure if anyone knows the best software available for stuff out there on the SP3, it'd be somebody here...

What I'm looking for is the best software that would let me:

Record screencasts/videos on the SP3, but allow me the ability to also ink/annotate on the screen occasionally during or post recording (preferably during to save time in the workflow)

I think Camtasia allows this type of functionality, but I don't know if there are alternatives that do it better. Any opinions out there on this?


Resource Hog, But I know Xsplit 'Broadcaster' will. Normally people know Xsplit because of their 'Gamecaster' software. As that captures gameplay and either saves or streams. But they also have Broadcaster, which I use, which allows you to capture whole screen/part of screen/multiple screens/ect, and either save locally or stream.

Believe it runs something around $6-10 a month, but I got a free trial with my workstation MSI laptop for 6 months, love it and plan on paying once my trials done.

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