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Another Wi-Fi Anomaly


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I am just happy that it was an easy solution for you. My comments weren't directed at you specifically since you took a suggestion, tested it out, and resolved your issue. It just offers good a lesson and reminder to us all that we should try the little things first and is evidence that the people here really are trying to help when they can.



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. . . people here really are trying to help when they can.

JP --

I have been using "online tech support" since it was dial-up to "bulletin boards" -- and that's a lot of years. My experience over those years is that people who participate in tech support forums invariably demonstrate the best manners, the most respect and the most willingness to help their fellow tech junkies.

It is a filtering process, as I recently explained to a guy in a political forum: The help you really need comes from the other participants, and, if you act like a jerk, nobody will help you. The result is that the jerks either learn some manners or give up and go away. What that leaves is a bunch of people who behave decently and are really committed to helping one another. It ain't really complicated when you break it down.

This is a fine forum and I am pleased to be a part of it.

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It's not uncommon for very new devices to have an updated TCP/IP protocol stack whether it be for wired or wireless.

Great to hear you're good to go Russ!