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Any experts able to help me with Onenote annoyances?

I probably seem pretty needy as far as asking for help goes ;), but bare with me, cause you guys rock.

Ok, I'm learning onenote more and more everyday and am falling even more in love with it, but there are a couple of things that are rather frustrating. Firstly, sometimes when I'm using a different window and come back to Onenote, it seems like it's completely locked up. I can't scroll through my notes at all. The ribbon still works, but the actual notes portion won't respond. If I use the _ minimize button on the window to minimize it and then expand it again, it will be fine. What gives?

Second, there seems to be lag when it automatically switches input. I'll be scrolling, then put my pen to the screen to start writing, but it won't. It takes a second to actually switch over to pen. Also, when scrolling and then I go to rest my palm on the screen, it will select an object and bring up either the resize window, or, that little 4 directional arrow thing. This is aggravating because I'll go to start writing, but instead of writing, it will think I'm wanting to select that object (in my case pdf) and start moving and re-sizing it. I've tried disabling automatically detect input, but when I go to the quick access toolbar and select the touch input, it will just use my finger to draw instead of scroll.

So long explanation short, is there a way to just enable touch and pen input? Also, is there a way to make objects (pdf pages) permanently part of the page so I don't accidentally select them? Thanks for any help!!!


First off, how long have you been using your pen?

I have encountered these annoyances of yours in my Dell venue 11 pro and stylus. The conclusion I came about was the low battery of my pen. The lag maybe caused my low battery of the pen and the accidental selection of some of the parts of your note seems to be a failure of palm/hand rejection that is part of the function of the pen...

So try changing your battery. It's worth a shot.

I am using OneNote on my surface now and I don't see a lag. I encounter some accidental touches but that's really not often that I get annoyed.

Hopes that helps.

NOTE: I use the metro version of OneNote most of the time.


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Avoid adding too many objects too your notes. Try to organize your notes in a way that as result OneNote uses smaller files.


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I think the most likely scenario is you either have a low battery in the pen or a faulty pen. I would start there as it sounds like it would solve most of your issues. I don't think notebook size is something to worry about at this point; I have many notebooks over 1GB in size and don't have these issues.