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Any Folio Covers for Pro yet.

Some how I got a nice scratch on the back of my Pro, not sure how as I have been super careful with this. So with no light at the end of the tunnel for a folio case from MS, I stopped at Staples today to see if there were some kind of universal case. I was surprised to see 2 kinds, one a Solo and the other a Targus. Checked the Targus and IMO there is no way it would work because it had a bottom channel that the tablet sat in and there would be no way to hook up a keyboard with this.
The Solo 8.5-11" Universal fit case used a 4 hook over the edge of tablet system which would allow you to use it and keep the keyboard on. So I got one and it works fairly well. The tablet does stick out just a smidge on the sides but it's not bad... Keyboard fits and it still closes fine. So until MS or another company comes out with a better folio case I'll be using this. Will post pics if anyone is interested.http://www.staples.com/SOLO-Classic-Universal-Tablet-eReader-Booklet/product_884156
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I like the Swiss Gear folios. There's one at WalMart for about $16 that's nice but it only houses 10.2" tablets. Then went to their website and saw a 14", but think that would be too big for any Surface. It would be too loose.
Bought sleeves for the MacBook air 11 inch. They should work fine.
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not looking for a sleeve thanks any way

I have almost stretched this one and it makes a reasonable "general protection" case.

However, I'm wondering if there will need to be holes/slits/etc. on the back to allow heat dissipation off the back of the Surface Pro?