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Any issues using f.lu.x with pro 2?


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I have been using pro 2 with flux to make the display more yellow together as well as turning off adaptive brightness.

When I log on to my account there is a slight hesitation with windows loading for about 10-15-20 seconds before I can use it speedily.
Occasionally, it crashes when I switch to or away from my user account. However, i am not sure if this has to do with flux except that the other user account does not have flux enabled. Not sure how during the install flux got installed on my account only since this is a desktop program.

Anyone else having any issues with flux?


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You might try going to bed a little earlier or if you live in Colorado, get a little stoned before doing stuff on your computer late at night.


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I have also been trying f.lux on the surface pro 2. Since installing the program, I have had problems with the screen not turning back on after it goes blank. I can feel the surface vibrate when pressing the windows button on the bezel around the screen. I sometimes need to hold down the power button and restart in order to get the screen back. I too am not certain if this is the fault of f.lux or something else. Please post if others are having problems with f.lux on the surface pro 2.


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I find when I turn it on whole system lags until it changes the colour temperature. However if it use it with 100% dpi setting there is no slow down. I just bare the system slowdown for 20 seconds.


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The problem with Flux is that it does software color manipulation, meaning you reduce the system (look at gradients, they wont' be smooth anymore), because software algorithm would be too taxing to adjust all 16.7 million colors, so it uses big shortcuts. If you want to do this, might as well as use the Windows built-in color adjustment utility. At least that one is well optimized and at a OS level for the least impact on the system performance.

Ideally, you want a software that communicate with the display directly to adjust the colors. However, embedded panels in devices uses ACPI communication method, where beside info sharing, you can only adjust the brightness. You need a monitor that support DDCI/CI protocol for proper monitor color control.