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Any Special Strategy Regarding Text Scaling When Docking/Undocking?


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I've been using my Surface Pro primarily for work. I have a Toshiba Dynadock hooked up to two monitors, a standard mouse and keyboard, and several other peripherals (e.g. microphone, speakers, mobile devices). The Surface Pro's monitor is turned off when I'm docked.

I love this setup, but when I undock and take the Surface Pro with me to a meeting, desktop apps (and their fonts in particular) are too small for me to use effectively. Changing the text scaling to 150% works just fine when undocked, but it is no good on the other monitors when I'm docked once again. It is an unfortunate nuisance to switch back and forth every time that I dock and undock.

Does anyone know of a strategy to either automate the scaling depending upon which monitor I'm using or to easily switch between a more readable tablet state vs. a more detailed desktop state (appropriate for two large external monitors).



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You will have more control over scaling per monitor when 8.1 is released....until then it is a manual process....


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Again we are putting a lot of Faith in 8.1. So far in my real world use of all of one day though, I am encouraged by what I see.