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Resolution and Scaling Docked vs Undocked


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Are there any secrets to this issue? For example, when you are undocked, using a Surface screen, the resolution is so high that you need scaling in windows to 200% recommended. Also, Edge and IE need about that percent well.

Then lets say you want to re-dock with your monitors that have lower resolution than your surface screen (1080p). Now that scaling is still set at the 200% you left it at on windows settings and edge settings.

Is there is fix, or trick to this issue yet? I remember back in the day, with old OSs, you had a docked profile and non docked profile, where you could set some settings to change automatically. Obviously thats not around anymore, I think.

Wonder if there is at least a way to script the 2 settings changes, so it would be just a click of a button if thats what it came down to be?

What your alls take on this?


The same happens here (on Windows 8.1). There seems to be a second profile, however. It works only after logging off and logging on again. Then it switches automatically from 200% to 100% her, when docked (I don't use extended Screen, only external) and back to 200% when undocked. I fear, there is no convienient way around this with Windows 8.1 on the SP3. Half a year ago, I had read, that it should be better in Windows 10.


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I have a couple of 4K monitors that I connect my Surface Pro 4 to, and I've changed the scaling settings for those to be different to the Surface's screen. It remembers the settings between disconnecting and reconnecting the monitors, both via the dock and directly. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for or have I got the wrong end of the stick?