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Anybody else feel like a SP Beta tester for MS?


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No probs, wish the touch pad were better (click), but I don't think a software update is going to fix that. I find myself wishing for more USB ports and a longer charger cable, but compared to my IPAD, it's all spades.


Its good to be a Beta tester ... no matter what device u own u would help the manufacturer with valuable hints and suggestions that will help them to make next better varient ... so i don't mind being one :p

btw i love my SP :p


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Had mine a month. The only thing I noticed at first was it was losing the type cover when it went to sleep. This only happened if I popped it off when it was asleep then tried to wake it without it. That problem seems to be solved (with an update?) now as it just always works??? Other than that, zero problems and I use it pretty hard. I also tinker with a lot of software and have had no problems really with anything including apps. Truecrypt works just fine for anyone interested.

And btw, I have both office 2010 and 2013 installed, all of my other software, pics, vids, music, etc. and still have half of my hard drive (128g) left. I also plugged in a 64g micro sd card just because (just venting about all the hd size hype).

Anyway, nice machine, I wouldn't trade it for anything else out there. Oh, and I bought a RT charger and it works just fine on the pro. Reserving that for trips. So what's left? Not much, there will be updates as we go and it will just get better.


I've had mine for six weeks, and the only problem I've had is the one mentioned in a couple of other threads where it wakes up by itself once in a while. Still trying to figure that one out, but until I do, no putting it in the bag unless it's powered off.


Only had mine a couple of weeks now, maybe three. Still getting use to it. There are a few minor quirks.... but maybe they are me. The only really pain is Bluetooth does not always start up with the Bose speakers I'm using. I've tried many combinations of getting the two devises to work together consistently but the best is turning Bluetooth on and off at the pro's end. Even that sometimes cause the pro's Bluetooth to go into limo..... meaning I have to restart the pro. My only big complaint is MS didn't design it with user battery replacement in mind. I called support and the best they could tell me it could be replaced after warranty for something like $469. Hmmm, the guy was not real confident so I hope it's not that painful. Maybe you just got a "lemon" and need to talk with their support. Good luck.... knock wood, I'm happy with mine.