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Anybody else feel like a SP Beta tester for MS?


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I have so many crashes (app crashes, program crashes, BSODs), intermittent hardware/software issues that I am this close *imagine me squeezing my fingers really close together* to returning this thing, but I really can't do that as its smack dab in the middle of the semester and I cannot afford to be without a laptop, especially when I staked it all in the SP's note-taking abilities. So to kind of relieve some frustration I'm imagining myself to be a SP beta tester for MS...which probably isn't too far off the truth :crazy:







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After going through 3 Xbox's, each version of windows since 95, countless MS enterprise software and seeing that the Pro is MS's first tablet I went into this expecting to feel like a Beta Tester of sorts.

Maybe it's just me being in the MS game too long, but although there are a few issues, it's not enough to make me want to return it. I love this thing!


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Sorry to hear you are having so many issues. I don't have any problems with my Pro. I've had it since day one and I've never had a BSOD, app crash, or any type of crash. Maybe you have a defective unit. Try and see if they will swap it out for you.


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Sorry, I can't say that I feel like a beta tester for the RT which I have. Of course, Win 8 and RT are very new to me, but now having installed Win 8 on my main machine, things (in terms of navigation and learning the logic of the UX) are much better. As a tab, the Surface RT is brilliant and Office RT is the magic sauce! It lifts the Surface from being run-of-the-mill to being exemplary! On the road, the combination of the Surface and my Nexus 10 is - for lack of a better word - fulfilling.

Oh...and I have read some of your posts about crashes, BSODs etc. I'm sorry, but I can't relate to that because as of now the Surface RT has been rock solid. If you are facing repeated problems, why don't you hard-reset your Surface - maybe things will work out better?


Oh yeah, I feel like a beta tester
1. Wifi that marginally works
2. Driver rollbacks that don't actually roll back
3. Firmware updates that won't update
4. Shipped apps such as photo viewer and media player that can't work with network folders (and its a WHS2011 sever! You'd think they could get THAT to work)
5. Win7 restore program that doesn't work
6. Listing a myriad of safe boot options even though only one works
7. Cover and pen getting "lost" again and again
8. Weird pen accuracy issues
9. Office 15 quick access toolbars that remain nearly impossible to use even in "touch mode" (and why Don't they move to the right border like other features?)
10. A restart function that really isn't
11. Horribly buggy apps (just last night I installed 10 and uninstalled 7 because they either didn't work at all or were glacially slow. To their credit at least they could work with network folders included in my libraies)
12. Either a Wedge mouse or Marvell BT that doesn't work well (I can't determine which is at fault); non-fluid mouse movement and WiFi speed drop to a crawl until I turn off the Wedge
13. The Store app is amateur hour - hard to use and frequently reports that I have no internet connection even though I do. When I sort by rating, what's the deal with it putting 3 star apps ahead of 4.5 star apps? Really? Does it really HAVE to keep app updates a virtual secret?
14. Cover mouse pad that periodically (several times an hour) freezes until I hit another key
15. Keyboards without a Windows Key? Serious? What were they thinking and why is it still not fixed?

I could go on, but that is the flavor of things. And I too was pinched fingers close to dumping it. IMHO a tablet that can't do wifi is automatically rendered useless, but after I figured out how to *actually* roll back (as opposed to the non-working MS method) the Marvell driver so that it half-works I have pulled back from the edge of the cliff

To be clear I am not an MS hater, in fact I love MS. I've got 5 Win7 x64 machines, the SP, WHS2011 on a server box, I use Skydrive extensively, own 2 WP8 phones (both Lumia 920s) etc. I'm sure many have heard the saying "Windows 7 is what Vista should have been" To draw a parallel WP8 is what SP should be - fluid, bulletproof, intuitive, with a consistent interface. I am sure MS will get there, but I fear it will take a LONG time given that even simple things, like adding a Windows key which should have happened *months* ago, aren't being done.
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Not had one single problem with mine, it's been great. My only complaint is the lack of a Fn lock setting for the F-keys.


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LOVING the SP... Great WiFi for me..
I'm coming from a Transformer Prime where I did feel like a Beta tester.. That tablet has major issues but is nice when it's near a wifi connection. That thing has MAJOR wifi issues. The only complaint I have is the battery life.. I'm hoping they make a keyboard with a battery in it to get a few more hours out of the tablet


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.. I'm hoping they make a keyboard with a battery in it to get a few more hours out of the tablet
I was a beta for archos 101, trans prime, note 10.1, and a few others, even had a brief time with Ipad 2- this is the least closest to a beta FOR ME. Early adoption does have its annoyances but still love my pro. I don't have a lot of issues with battery life bc I am always by a plug, but I would love to see a thin batt attachment that clips on the side with a magnet such as the pen and charges there. and a KB option too