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Anybody Else See the Disappointing Predictions of Analysts?


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Go to google news about the windows 8 tablets and laptops launches. Analysts are saying left and right that this year's microsoft's launch of windows 8 will be a non-event. Even intel is expressing doubt that there will be anything at all regarding windows 8 launch.

I currently own an asus transformer infinity. I use it for everything. Work, games, surf the net, you name it. I own a business and all my work are done and stored on my infinity. I was excited a few months ago regarding windows 8 when it was announced, but now that android feels more and more like a professional work station, I kinda lost my excitement about the windows 8 tablets and laptops, which are going to be priced a little too high for my pocket.

I think I will finally buy a windows 8 machine when the asus transformer book comes out next year.

Anyone else feels this way?
I feel the opposite actually. While PC sales are down 8% this is a point analyst love to over hype. The PC is far from dead and the idea that next year everybody will have tablets instead of PCs powered by Windows 8 is ridiculous. The economy has been tough, people are out of work tuition is up and all of that means fewer PC sales. However, PCs and Windows are not going anywhere for a long time to come. Can Windows 8 revive computer sales entirely on its own? No, once again this is ridiculous. Windows nor any other OS has never been directly responsible for increased sales of a product. Once again talking heads missing the mark.

Tablets are great, smart phones are great, Android and iOS are great and given a choice between a new PC and a tablet that costs less or smart phone which has many computer like capabilities and people need a phone anyway, the choice skews towards those devices when people have limited dollars to spend. I think far from people choosing Android because it is the workstation of the future, people are choosing it because it is cheaper more portable and provides entertainment.

With the increased competition PC sales may be smaller as a percentage than they were before, but Windows of any # will continue to be installed on tens of millions of devices regardless of whatever hype or importance you want to tie to it as an "event."
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I suspect there are a lot of us out there that have been waiting for a REAL pc version of a tablet. We're just not the stand in line and make a scene types. Most I have talked to are trying to hold out for the Surface pro, so initial sales may seem smaller than interest really is.