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[RUMOR] Microsoft Plans To Release Windows Surface Phone


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When Microsoft (MSFT) announced earlier this year that it will launch an own-brand tablet to compete directly with its various vendor partners working on Windows 8-based on tablet PCs of their own, there was some backlash. Privately — and sometimes even publicly — long-time Microsoft partners took it as an attack on their businesses and questioned why Microsoft would be so brazen. But with nowhere else to turn thanks to Windows’ overwhelming PC dominance, these vendors had no choice but to continue developing Windows 8 devices and compete directly with their software supplier. Though events may play out a bit differently in the smartphone market where Microsoft has yet to stage the comeback it promised two years ago, BGR has learned that the Redmond, Washington-based company plans to release its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the coming months.

Utilizing a strategy much like the one it is using with Windows 8, Microsoft is now looking to have its cake and eat it too in the smartphone market. With a number of high-profile partners like Nokia (NOK) and Samsung (005930) secured for the launch of Windows Phone 8 later this fall, a trusted source informed BGR several weeks ago that Microsoft is quietly working on an own-brand smartphone that will compete directly with high-end devices like Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, and also with Windows Phones built by its own vendor partners, of course.

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I don't see a kickstand or a keyboard cover though ;) That is a nice looking mock up though.


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That is a cool looking mock up.

Would it be smart of Microsoft to name the phone the Suface? Wouldn't it conflict with the tablet?


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Not it the name is officially "Microsoft Surface Phone" as opposed to "Microsoft Surface RT" and "Microsoft Surface Pro" ;)