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Anyone else anxiously awaiting the Lumia 950???


The more I read the rumors on the Lumia 950 & 950XL the more I just can't wait for it's release..
I jumped on the First release of the Win 7 Samsung Focus phone years ago when they came out and really liked it but the lack of apps and Zune turned me off after some time and I went to the Galaxy S line but since I purchased my Surface Pro 3 tablet I have found I truly like Win 8 and now upgraded ver. of Win 10 and hoped MS would release a flagship phone running Win 10 and I am thrilled to see they are doing just that with the Lumia 950.
My present Note 4 is just a tad too big and the 5.2" display which the 950 is reported to possess is just about perfect, never mind the reported specs of a Hex core processor, 3gb ram and 20mb Carl Zeiss optics camera!!!
This phone can truly compete with or surpass the iPhones and Galaxies..
Anyone else hyped up about these soon to be released flagship phones???


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:rolleyes: there's no chance it'll ever dent iPhones or Galaxies... have you seen the leaked designs? If they really do look like that they're DOA in my opinion. Still you never know I guess, they might have something up their sleeve!


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I like the design. Functional. Not rose gold look at me look at me BS

I just got back from the phone shop with a new 30 day rolling SIM. No way I'll buy any of the current crap on the market, so waiting to see what MS release else I'll just stick with my current phone.


Not me. Far too expensive. Here in Australia the 950 has a price of A$1099 and the 950XL is listed as A$1199. I can not see Microsoft selling to many with those exorbitant prices.


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I might. I have a Lumia 930 which I've owned for a year and I really like it. I'm going to look in detail at the new Lumia phones when I feel like upgrading (which isn't yet really!). I like the Continuum idea but I'm not sure whether I'll get that anyway on my 930 if it gets upgraded to win 10.

I defected from Android a year ago and I haven't regretted it. Sure there are some apps missing but I have all I need on it and I love that after a year the phone is just as snappy and fluid and responsive as it was when I got it. Not the case for my husband's S5 he's had loads of slow downs, sessions swearing at it etc, it's now not charging and he's had to revert to my old Samsung S2 - admittedly his phone is older than my Lumia but the slowdowns started before the year was up.


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I'm due for a new phone but disappointed that there's no pen support in these devices.
Considering the GN5, maybe MS will make a W10 ROM for it :D