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anyone else having this bug? Can you try this to see if it works for your surface 2?


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I tried posting on the official forums, but they moved it to some hidden subforum that no-one reads:

can you replicate this surface 2 bug? - Microsoft Community

Essentially, I've noticed that my surface 2 doesn't sync when I create files a certain way on the desktop and save to the Skydrive folder.

If you can do the instructions I've posted in the linked forum post with no problems and it is syncing well, please post so that I know that it isn't happening to more Surface 2 users and is just something buggy with my account or device.

I want to avoid factory refresh / reset if possible.

And the other option is that the support line said was to completely wipe out my OneDrive files and start over with a fresh account on the back-end.

Neither option seem great and I'm hoping that others have this bug so that Microsoft will address it in an update.


Every see the movie "Rainman" with Dustin Hoffman? Computers are like the rainman. Super-smart about math and such but basically retarded. It is very easy for a human to confuse the rainman. Don't be a salmon swimming upstream; go with the flow. Don't worry about identifying a bug instead try and find a workaround. You cannot fix the rainman but you can control him.

I would start by trying shorter folder names. From a computing point of view long folder names are are recent (relatively) development. From a programming point of view longer folder and files names are problematic relative to shorter names. If the rainman is confused by the longer file names it is pointless blaming him. Use your greater intelligence and creativity to make things work.


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Just see if you can trigger the bug by replicating it.

C:\Users\XXXXXX\SkyDrive\Documents\XXXXXXXX\xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxx

This doesn't seem like it is too long of a subfolder name or file name.


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This is a OneDrive issue because the file path is translated into a GUID for the URL making the file path becomes to long, I've seen this with Copying and Pasting in explorer to my OneDrive.


Sorry but I don't use skydrive. I don't like the idea of my information being in the cloud for prying eyes to see. It would be just as easy for you to test the converse. Try creating a folder with a shorter title and see if it works.