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Battery problems. Anyone else have these?

Surface book 2. I've had it for a year.

The laptop will just shut down without any warning at all. I've recently discovered it's when battery 1 (the tablet battery) is at zero percent. Does anyone else have this disastrous problem?? The device was showing me 72% battery left when it turned itself off. When I rebooted it was like nothing had ever happened (no starting in safe mode or anything).

The problem with this computer is that on occasion the device finds it difficult to register input drives from the keyboard part of the laptop. Like a USB will not work or the charger will sometimes not work. This is really annoying and potentially fatal when combined with the above problem (which is getting worse).

The other problem I have is that my stylus pen just turns itself off. I need to take the lid off and put it back on again to reignite the battery to get it to work again. It's like the computer forgets about it. It drives me insane that I spent $2000 on something with so many bugs to the basic functionality.

If anybody can suggest something for just one of these problems I'll be forever grateful.


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doesn't help me, tho'. I bought my Spro7 june 23, 2019. battery stoppped holding its charge after about 9 months. AC adaptor quit as well. Then I cracked the screen a bit - it worls but my warranty went out the window. Now I looking to send it in for a replacement. ut I am getting this error message. Can anyone direct me to an on-topic forum.?. error message:
''troubleshooting details:
Request Id: dc44d793-6bca-4bcc-bbcb-cef63cf8ab00
Correlation Id: 82c80cf3-2a2a-4fea-a4df-104906fe6ae0
Timestamp: 2020-07-28T06:52:14Z
Message: AADSTS50196: The server terminated an operation because it encountered a client request loop. Please contact your app vendor.''
I bought at the Lazada online website here in Thailand -so I cannot remember who the vendor was.
thanks for any advice!!