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Anyone tried Linux on SP4 yet?


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Just curious if anyone has tried Linux on SP4, what success you had, distro used, etc.

I've attempted "off-the-shelf" Ubuntu 15.10 - it booted to a black screen, finally got the screen, but no mousepad, typecover. Didn't try to hook up a USB keyboard/mouse yet. Got out of the black screen, and it had booted, and was "running" - just no touchpad/mouse.

Fedora 23 - booted, but had an issue with what appeared to be a driver for USB(?) - got to the point of "testing the media" (I used a USB live-boot), and that failed with some media area, and halted the kernel.

In both cases - screen type was VERY small (had to break out the seein-eye-specs to read the very fine print. typecover/mouse pad were not detected. I did not try to hook up a USB keyboard/mouse (yet) - just wanted to see what "stock" distros would do with the hardware usually attached.