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SP4 freeze issue


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Hi all,

I pre-ordered my sp4 (i5, 8G RAM, 256G SSD) online and got it this monday.
Over the 2 days of using SP4 I've discovered a few issues, does anyone have same experience?

1. the machine occasionally freezes for about 4-5 seconds. (trackpad stopped working, cursor does not move, then after 4-5 seconds mouse cursor was found somewhere around the corner)

2. After one boot up, touch screen stops functioning. have to reboot the machine to make it work again.

3. Today when i was doing some programming on NetBeans, the machine just froze. trackpad and keyboard stopped working, touch screen stopped working, screen froze. Tried to detach/re-attach the type cover but does not work. Have to reboot it again..

Really frustrated on this... never had a new laptop with so many problems two days after purchasing it..
Please help.
I've had short freezes of less than a second followed by a video driver failure alert. That's stopped lately.

I did have the touch screen completely stop responding associated with a constant flickering of the screen. The later was attributed to Hyper-V. I had to disable it and then everything went back to normal.