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App Removal


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Press and pull down slightly on the tile and an uninstall option will be on the bottom bar


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I've uninstalled a couple of apps that I didn't want anymore...and while they're not listed in my apps, they are remembered by the Store and I'm offered updates for apps I no longer want.

Is there any way to have these permanently removed? Its not a huge bother now, but down the line I don't have 20 uninstalled app updates always waiting to be installed in the Store app.

Any thoughts?


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It sounds like the apps were unpinned, but not uninstalled. Sweep up slightly at the bottom of the Start screen, select 'All apps' in the right corner of the bar at the bottom. That will show you all the apps installed on the Surface. Touch the Tile for a few seconds and pull down slightly on the Tile, an uninstall option will be on the bottom bar, the app to be uninstalled should have a checkmark on it. Select Uninstall.

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