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How do I clear my uninstalled apps?


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Here's my question, when I enter the Store tab from the Metro/Modern UI and use the top bar that has Your apps I am still seeing apps I uninstalled listed under Apps not installed on this PC along with Apps installed on PC. How do I permanently remove these listings so I no longer see them, it seems unnecessary as I will never feel the urge to reinstall these with the ease MS apparently intended, a rather annoying design choice in my opinion.



I don't have an answer. But it's a good question. There doesn't seem to be an (obvious) way to disassociate Store apps with an account.


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Hi, thanks for replying.

I've been trying for some hours to open an official question on the Microsoft community page about this with no luck.
Sorry the request couldn't be completed. Please try again later.
That's the error I receive, has anyone ever launched a new question or is it more Microsoft being Microsoft?
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Thank you for that, I missed it totally. Their community search is as useful and intuitive as retaining removed applications to clutter the interface. Now I know this will not be fixed, fortunately it's not my device so it won't be nagging me each time I see it. I'll definitely keep an eye on this forum for any other issues I encounter while testing out my fathers RT but I don't think I'll be posting/active until the next generation that is capable of running a full form factor windows let alone native .mkv support, if ever after this near one billion dollar loss debacle. Thanks again.
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