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Uninstalling Apps in Surface RT. Does it really remove all files and registries ?


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Uninstalling APPS seems to be so quick that I'm wondering if it really removes all files and registries related to the unistalled APPS.

If something is still left, is there a way to clean all data from an uninstalled apps ?


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I wouldn't worry about it. You can always use Disk Cleanup (just type it from the Start screen to find). You can also view how much space your apps are using by going to: Settings > Change PC settings > General > Available Storage > View app sizes

Tom T

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Windows RT, windows 8 metro in general, handles this very well. It may seem instantaneous but likely some work is being done in the background. I've been very impressed how this first gen product delivers.


You have to clear the cached uninstalled apps in this location:
C drive
Software distribution

Right click and click delete and all the uninstalled apps that have been cached ( Which are ALL of them) will be removed. I do it every month or so and it removes 6-7gb. Good luck:)