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App to tether my droid to Surface?


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If you are a rooted droid user, you can use an app called wifi tether. I don't think it's in the android app store, but Google will show you where to find it. It turns your phone into a wifi hotspot without have to go through your carrier, then you can connect anything you want.


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Firstly, Surface RT can tether with just about anything I have, I.e.. Windows Phone 8S, HTC One V, Nokia E10 via Joiku Spot, without needing an application.

Now, on bypassing charges of your mobile provider via an app, that's a different story.
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I use Foxfi and don't get charged by Verizon. I have been told to check your bill to make sure Verizon does not update their system to detect and charge. I have been using for 6 months with no problem.

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