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E-Reader Apps: Kindle & Nook


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It took me a while, but I finally accepted that I cannot "sideload" books into the Kindle app on RT. Sapper gave me the clue: Kindle books are converted to Javascript in RT. I now find that the same is true of the Nook app. Hitchhiking on my Kindle learning curve, I find that Nook books are similarly converted, and the app will not allow me to add to my library other than by download from Nook.

I have, for the moment at least, accepted that I must convert my collection of Mobi books to Epub. I am using Freda to read them. Freda allows me to go to "Sources" and then navigate to the folder where my books are stored.

Have used both Calibre and Istonsoft's "Mobi to Epub" converters. So far, Calibre seems to be better.

For whatever it's worth.