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Apps Crashing and Slow Performance


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Just curious if anyone else is having issues with apps crashing. I am having problems with the People app crashing consistently. It happens almost every time I try to update my What's New section. I also have problems with the music app being very slow and crashing. I know this is a new product and I am sure these things will get worked out. But right now it's very annoying.


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I figured out the problem. I had installed a microsd card and used the disk manager tool to mount it as a local folder instead of a drive letter. I did this so I could store music and videos on the card and have them visible to the apps. But this apparently was causing issues and crashing. As soon as I made the card a drive letter again my apps started working normally.


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Thanks for your update, i will update my how-to soon. Maybe i'll start a poll, if other user can confirm this.
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