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Windows Rt Stability Index Very Low Score


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If you open the action center and click on "maintenance", then under "check for solutions" you can select view reliability history, you can see how stable windows has been on your surface. 1 being very unstable to 10 being perfectly stable. As you can see with the photo below, my stability index is quite low. I also noticed that it said that a video hardware error has happened quite frequently. My surface runs great and I have no complaints, I don't really notice it has any problems. Every once and awhile it has a hiccup or to, but so do computers. I'm just curious, what does your reliability history look like? Is it low too?


(You can see that when the surface was brand new when I bought it was stable until the day I started using it and then its score dropped.)

Post a picture of your history and state any big errors that you frequently see.(not app crashes, but windows or hardware issues you see a lot.


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lol. Mines at 1 courtesy of McAfee. The kicker is I work for McAfee. Time to find the group in charge of the consumer products and kick some a.


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Hmm, it seems any consecutive issues will cause it to go to 1. Not sure how "bad" 1 is considering many of us are near there and seem to be running just fine. It doesn't seem to be tracking core stability so much as individual process stability.

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Mine averages about a 1 also. Once interesting thing is if you look at the source you can identify any apps that are constantly having issues and remove them. I installed the Allrecipe app and it constantly kept having issues in the sources, so I removed it. Nice information to have.