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Apps crashing down while opening


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Is anyone having issues with apps crashing while opening? When I first bought the Surface, the USA Today would crash when I opened it up. I ended up deleting that app, and haven't downloaded it since.

Today, the Facebook app started shutting down while opening. I deleted the app, restarted the computer, and downloaded it again, but it keeps crashing when I try to open it up.

Any suggestions?


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Mine does the same. This is so frustrating and worse yet, I get no support from Microsoft. I sent my device back as it is still under warranty. When the device was checked they told me there was nothing wrong. I now have a device with apps that continuously shut down or crash. Microsoft technical support are pathetic and offer no further support. I am taking my case to the ombudsman, not because my apps are crashing but for the lack of support provided by this multi billion $$$ company.

Microsoft... you should be ashamed of yourselves.



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I've noticed that this even occurs when opening settings from the action center. White window opens up, and then just closes before any of the icons are displayed.

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